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VROC Viscometers / Rheometers on Chip

Our VROC® powered viscometers require small sample volume (15µL), measure high shear rates (> 2,020,000 s -1) and provide easy to obtain, repeatable, precise, viscosity measurements!

VROC (Viscometer-Rheometer-on-a-Chip) combines microfluidic and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technologies to measure dynamic viscosity over a wide dynamic range of operation.

Understanding Fluid Behavior — Measuring Absolute Viscosity

With VROC® Technology, RheoSense took the standard principles of rheometry and created a dynamic micro-sample viscometer by adding microfluidics while reducing the size of the device with MEMS (micro-electrical mechanical systems) manufacturing. The result was a new platform which offers capabilities that are well beyond the limits of conventional viscometers in not only the sample volumes required, but the measurement range and precision.

10µL Sample | 4°C – 100°C
High through put fully automated viscometer
initium one plus
19µL Sample | High-Throughput | 4°C – 70°C
Portable Viscometer microVISC
100 µL Sample | Portable